BODY VIVID is a store specializing in body care and women's supplies, and it includes more than (10000) products in various categories that include fashion, body and skin care products, accessories, perfumes, and others.

100% Kuwaiti management 


Today, Body Vide attracts more than 30,000 visitors per month, and is growing rapidly due to the increase in the number of Internet shoppers in the Arabian Gulf.


BODY VIVID operates as a retail site in addition to serving as a marketplace for third-party sellers. BODY VIVID provides a comfortable and safe shopping experience with the ability to pay online, the ability to pay cash upon receipt of goods, and the ability to return them for free. 

Founded in 2019, BODY VIVID has been a pioneer in online shopping in the region as an auction site. 


Our logo might have evolved over the years, but our priority has not changed.

Driven by smart technology, everything we do is designed to put the power right in your hands - giving you the freedom to shop anywhere, anywhere.


BODY VIVID has been trusted by thousands because we don't just send you products to your doorstep, we were born here.

 With BODY VIVID you will always get high-quality products - with exceptional service that makes your shopping experience as easy and smooth as possible.


This is BODY VIVID Cosmetics Company - BODY CARE AT BEST